What is FTX crypto | Buy FTX coin

ftx crypto

INTRODUCTION FTX crypto is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers futures, leveraged tokens and OTC trading.. It was launched in April and already have among the world’s most liquid orderbooks. FTX futures have traded more than $100m per day . FTX is a centralized crypto exchange and its moto is “by traders, for traders” backed … Read more

What is Safemoon crypto | Safemoon Crypto Price

safemoon crypto

Introduction Safemoon crypto is a blockchain-based digital currency broadly similar to Bitcoin. SafeMoon Protocol aims to solve the problems of prior cryptocurrencies including mining rewards, farming rewards, and liquidity provisioning. It also makes anyone to participate in a smart contract token reflection to produce tokens inside their own wallet. SafeMoon was brought to market in … Read more

What is Gala Crypto | Gala Crypto News

Introduction GALA crypto is a decentralized distributed application on a blockchain network, using smart contracts (each a “Smart Contract”) to enable its Users to own, buy, sell, transfer, and share unique digital rewards  The GALA games Blockchain allows each User to store items, characters, digital rewards. It offers other attributes on the GALA Blockchain public … Read more

5 Facts about Mina Crypto | Buy Mina Crypto

mina crypto

What is Mina Crypto ? Mina Crypto is a so-called succinct blockchain that aims to make crypto more accessible by only ever operating at 22 kilobytes in size, and MINA is its native token. It was launched in 2021, after a fair bid with investors.The Mina Protocol coin is relatively new. Mina Crypto requires 15 network confirmations to validate … Read more

What is Usdt Crypto | The Most Stablecoin | Buy

usdt crypto

Introduction Tether (Usdt Crypto) is a stable coin pegged to the United States dollar. At any moment, you can quickly exchange other cryptocurrencies for Tether. To remake your cryptocurrency holdings or send usdt crypto to other cryptocurrency. It is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency .The crypto coins supports an equal number of traditional fiat currencies including Japanese … Read more

What is Ethereum Merger | Price will go up ?

ethereum merger

Ethereum Merger Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain by market cap, is about to undergo Ethereum Merger . It is known to the crypto community as “the Merge.” It’s a long-awaited systemwide upgrade that experts say will reduce the blockchain’s energy consumption by about 99% by switching its transaction. Markets talked about the Ethereum (ETH) merge for years. … Read more

Bitboy Crypto | Who is Bitboy Crypto | Secret Facts

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BitBoy Crypto News is a website regarding to education and topic on Bitcoin & cryptocurrency for public. Bitboy Crypto has exclusive stories which provide a different ideas . It mainly tells the news that many readers doesnt get get from the traditional crypto news sources. Bitboy Crypto Life Bitboy Crypto also known as Ben Armstrong … Read more

What is Sandbox Crypto ?

sandbox crypto

The Sandbox crypto is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. The Sandbox aim to overcome these limitations while accelerating blockchain adoption to grow the blockchain gaming market. So by building this voxel gaming platform where creators are able to craft, play, share, collect, and trade without central control, … Read more

Evergrow Crypto will reach 1$ soon

Ever Grow Crypto is creating a brand new Ecosystem of utilities all created to generate additional token volume which will generate additional passive income for all the holders. It is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time.

All holders of evergrow coin will earn 8% reward from every Sell/Buy Transaction in Binance backed BUSD, which is automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding $EGC in your wallet which is funded by a 2% buyback fee. The evergrow crypto has distributed over $37 million to our holders via our innovative passive income system.

The net-profits from all these utilities will be used for our revolutionary Buyback & Burn function, where we buy $EGC on the open market, creating green candles and $BUSD rewards for holders, then burn those tokens, removing them permanently from circulation.

5 Best Crypto Exchanges of 2022

Best Crypto exchanges are where traders can buy, sell, and convert different cryptocurrencies and Understanding Crypto trading and investment can be another challenge. The best crypto exchange of 2022 are given below and pros and cons of each exchange are given. Binance – Best for Low Fees Crypto.com – Best for Security BlockFi – Best for Earning Interest Gemini-Fastest … Read more