Cypherium Cryptocurrency | What is it ?

Cypherium is a cryptocurrency that uses instant ledger to process real-time transactions for billions of users. A smart contract platform to enable enterprise use cases for all industries. It is a trusted database to connect isolated data islands around the world. It also acts a open network to enfranchise any participant or contributor. Cypherium is a secure vault to combat the increasing threats to data privacy. Programmability of Cypherium smart contract can allow complete automation of the authentication process customized based on different scenarios set by the management organization.

Cypherium Crypto Blockchain

A blockchain is a data ledger shared across a network of nodes. It store and replicate a consistent state of transactions. According to the admissions mechanism of the network . A blockchain can be classified into two categories: permission less (open to any participant) and permissioned (open only to credentialed members). Typically, a blockchain consists of three layers :-


Another issue rooted in a conventional distributed system is the Byzantine fault problem. Addresses how a system of multiple nodes.It reach a consensus for agreeing when to change the system’s state. The Byzantine fault problem requires that nodes . Considering agree on a concrete strategy to reach a consensus to avoid a system failure.

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Cypherium Algorithm

Cypherium’s proprietary consensus algorithm . CypherBFT overcomes disadvantages of the prior art . It provides a distributed transaction system including a group of validator nodes . Cypherium’s dual blockchain structure includes the speeds of a dag. Its recall for users can happen much simpler and faster, which adds to the availability of informatio. The information more decentralized. According to some disclosed embodiments this a network node that is not already a validator node. The Committee may be added to the Committee if it successfully completes a POW challenge. Cypherium cryptocurrency on the other hand, runs its proprietary CypherBFT consensus.

anchored by the HotStuff algorithm, and can authentically offer instant finality for its network users. With its HotStuff-based design, the CypherBFT’s runtime lasts only 20-30 milliseconds (ms). Two-to-three confirmations are all that is required to permanently accept a proposed block into the blockchain hence only takes 90ms for these confirmations to transpire, making the process significantly faster than the two-minutes required by EOS. Cypherium cryptocurrency CypherBFT, which also utilizes HotStuff instead does not need to choose between responsiveness and linearity.

Cypherium Virtual Machine

The consistent execution of smart contracts must derive from the deterministic nature of its main blockchain’s execution results, which means that all transactions must be handled strictly through their chronological order (total order).

Many of the public blockchains that have been launched now support smart contracts, but after careful analysis of their structure, most of them have not overcome the above-mentioned defects of Ethereum, let alone true innovation. Some do not have general purpose functionalities and focus on specific domains only, such as Libra’s MOVE.

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By way of introduction, here are some features of the Cypherium Virtual Machine (CVM):

1) Based on Java. Cypherium adopts the popular Java Virtual Machine (JVM) architecture for its smart contract computation environment. The JVM has the biggest number of device installations in the world.

2)Hierarchical calculation. At present, all known blockchains handle smart contracts in unified deployment, with unified computing and unified consensus processing.

3)Native 64-bit integer support and fixed-point representation. The CVM has been implementing native acceleration processing on 64-bit

4)Support for runtime and compile-time security checks. The risks of Ethereum smart contracts come mainly from one of two sources: the vulnerability caused by the flaws in the design of the smart contract language itself.

Cypherium Crypto-Currency Framework

Cypherium cryptocurrency introduces the Digital Currency Interoperability Framework to enable cross-chain transactions. The notary can be any trusted third party. Compared with many others and taking into account the characteristics of its particular network.

Cypherium has developed a notary mechanism Cypherlink, which is based on the InterLedger protocol, an open protocol initiated and led by the Ripple company. Any company or individual can participate in joint development and use it for free. It is not link to any blockchain or XRP. Its original intention was to establish a global unified payment standard. Its inception and it has already accessed and traded among many different financial networks. Using Cypherium smart contract module, we are able to customize scenarios to create ‘contracts’ that fulfill the requirements of both parties

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